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Our Story

Bow Babies was founded in late July of 2021, by owner Dametra Thomas. In late November of 2018, my husband and I experienced a great loss. One that we had never known. The loss of a child. We were 9 weeks into our pregnancy, when we miscarried. We prayed and cried and we cried and prayed. Didn't understand why this had happened to us. During that time, nothing could take the pain away. Our hearts were in pieces. After so time, God gave us the strength to see the light at the end of tunnel. Some months down the road, we experienced another loss. This time it was a chemical pregnancy. We were devastated again. But God saw us through this one too!

Fast forward to April of 2020. One, day my husband and I stopped to talk to our pastor; and he would always joke with us about having twins or Knowing, how we felt about it. On this particular day, he asked my husband "are we having a boy or a girl?" My husband was puzzled, b/c this time was different than the other times. And I just couldn't focus. My husband said " a girl." We have 3 wonderful boys & were praying for a daughter to complete our family. That same day when we made it home. Sure thing, WE WERE PREGNANT!! Nine months later we gave birth to our beautiful rainBOW BABY GIRL!! God had answered our prayers. This is the significance to our name Bow Babies & the inspiration behind our business!!!!